The Name of the company by virtue of the approval granted by the Registrar of Companies stands changed to Jupiter Wagons Limited w.e.f 25 May 2022

Advancer Data Management

Unrivaled DWG Compatibility

High Speed Connectivity with Secured Network

automated machinery

Greater Visibility = Better Performance

   To truly understand our customers, and effectively deliver Digital Made of Engineering Designs, We have connected the millions of untethered data points across Designing Tools like Solid Edge, PTC, ZW CAD in order to gain better insights. Ceebco's marketing intelligence platform created to provide a single view of all your requirement to then accelerate your business by normalizing your required data, automating actions, and activating insights based on your custom goals and needs. SAP management of business processes, solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organisations.

Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Co Limited

48, Vandana Vihar,
Narmada Road, Gorakhpur
Jabalpur, 482001
Madhya Pradesh, India


Jupiter Wagons Limited

4/2, Middleton Street
Kolkata � 700071

 033 4011 1777
 033 4011 1787

JWL DAKO-CZ India Limited

11, Satyen Dutta Road,
Kolkata - 700029

 033 4008 5152

JWL KOVIS (India) Pvt. Limited

11, Satyen Dutta Road,
Kolkata - 700029

 033 4008 5152


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